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Benefits of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner

The use and application of cyclonic technology is commonplace in modern day vacuum cleaners, however the technology itself has been around since the late 1920's. Originally, it was used as a built-in central vacuum in heavy industry as a way to remove dust and particles from interior buildings. This technology was used as an alternative to filtered vacuums which would clog up and need regular maintenance.

It wasn't until the 1990's when this technology started to be used in portable household vacuums such as uprights. Fast forward to today and vacuum cleaners with cyclonic technology is just as common, if not more common as those without as people see the benefits of their use.

But, what does a cyclone vacuum cleaner do and what are the benefits?

What does a cyclonic vacuum cleaner do?

A cyclonic vacuum cleaner, pulls the dirt and dust at high speed through a filter and into a collection vessel. Inside the bin a small air vortex is made by the motor which separates the particles from the air and pushes them to the sides of the bin. Afterwards, gravity takes care of the rest and particles fall to the bottom.

The picked up debris goes straight into the bin where the filter is placed which is why many cyclonic and multi-cyclonic Hoovers offer no loss of suction.

The vessel can then be emptied into a general waste bin and then reattached then cleaning can resume.

What are the benefits of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner?


The most obvious difference between cyclonic and non-cyclonic vacuum cleaners it the absence of a bag. This also gives cyclonic cleaners a distinct look as the bin is usually transparent.

Bagged vacuum cleaners can't separate dirt and dust (the air is pulled one way) which means it all goes into a bag before it all falls to the bottom. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners can separate the particles from the air and therefore does not need the bag. Bagged vacuum cleaners have a larger capacity which is a benefit, but that also means they get heavier as it's used more.

A bagless vacuum cleaner is faster and easier to empty with the added benefit of having reduced running costs and the need for replacement bags.

No loss of suction

Not all cyclonic vacuum cleaners offer no loss of suction as a claim if they haven't been tested, but a large selection do, and they wouldn't be able to boast this without the on-board cyclonic tech. The biggest cause of vacuums losing suction are: full bag, clogged filters and obstructions in the air flow. Because of how cyclone based Hoover vacuums work, filters don't get clogged, there's no bag to overfill and obstructions aren't present in the air flow.

No loss of suction means you get consistent and powerful cleaning for the duration of use. Our Upright 300 provides no loss of suction.

HEPA filter

High-efficiency particulate air filers (HEPA) are common in cyclonic vacuum cleaners. HEPA filters pick up and trap small harmful particles such as dust mites, pollen and mould spores as you vacuum. These particles are so small that they can be picked up and re-released if there's no filter installed, which can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory issues.

Our range of cyclonic HEPA vacuum cleaners will capture these fine particles and ensure they don't get released back into the home which contributes to creating an allergy and pollution free environment.

Works well with our range of air purifiers to create a complete allergy safe zone.


Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners are more efficient at separating the dirt and dust particles from the air and can extend the lifespan of the filters. By optimising the airflow further than a single cyclone vacuum cleaner, multi-cyclone gets outstanding results and a deep clean in the home or office.

Cordless options

Not all cordless vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology, but cyclonic technology is easy to make portable due to the absence of a bag and how cyclonic technology can be minimised whilst still separating the dirt and dust effectively. We recommend our H-FREE 500 for a cyclonic cordless stick vacuum.


Cyclonic vacuum cleaners offer a convenient and hygienic method of cleaning the home and are available in our upright, cordless, and cylinder vacuum cleaners. Our latest upright the Upright 300 has multi cyclonic technology along with the most lightweight and steerable design in an upright, ever.